Great Day Testimonials

A few testimonials from some of our Great Day parents

Tara has been bringing her son Logan to Great Day Child Care Learning Center since he was 8 weeks old. He is now almost 2.

“The teachers are the number one reason I feel comfortable leaving him here,” Tara said. “It’s right next door to Dillen Products where I work as human resource manager.” Tara reports that the teachers at Great Day treat Logan as if he’s their own. They will call, for example, if Logan won’t eat lunch to ask if she wants them to try giving him something else. They never hesitate to call when they have a question and they are always excited to report new advances Logan makes, like walking and talking. “They get as excited about things as I do,” she said smiling.

Tara had other daycare options, such as home daycare, but because of the teachers, location and cost, she chose Great Day. She feels that because of his daycare experience, Logan is more social than other kids his age and is learning things he wouldn’t in other environments. Great Day is wonderful when she has to work overtime or go into work early. She can drop him off in his pajamas if it’s very early and the staff gets him ready for the day. Children participate in many great activities like Easter egg hunts, Water Days, and clown, Santa and Easter Bunny visits. Proof that Tara made the right choice in daycare is, that Logan is always excited to go in and sometimes he doesn’t want to leave. A mother couldn’t ask for more than that.

Tara Satyshur. - Middlefield OH

Scott and Tammy Fortenbury were looking for childcare for 2-year-old Lorena and 7-year-old Jeffrey. After looking at local services, the decision to choose Great Day was easy; the facility was clean, safe, large and inviting. They liked the way everything was laid out safely on one floor, and the educational advantage of different classrooms based on ages. Jeffrey is now 14 and attends Cardinal Middle School, and Lorena, age 10, catches and is dropped off at Great Day by the school bus. She loves to play with friends in the afternoon until Tammy leaves her job at Kraft Maid to pick her up. Lorena explained why she enjoys going to Great Day. ”My teachers say nice things to me and I love playing Barbie with my friends.” On occasion, Lorena has left her homework or lunch behind at the child care center, and the Great Day staff made special trips to the school to deliver them. Lorena said she is helped with homework and spelling tests. Scott said, “I knew she was learning. She would carry this little book with her. I could see her work and how the staff marked it so she could write it again correctly. The Fortenbury family all agrees that Great Day is a wonderful place.
The Fortenbury Family. - Middlefield OH

I wanted to let you know that it has been a blessing to our family to have the love, protection and peace of mind that you and your staff has provided our family these last few years. Thank you and all the teachers there for all you do!! Can’t wait for the graduation ceremony!! It will be a bittersweet time for all of us…we are so proud of all our A----- has learned but we’ll all be sad to say goodbye to the amazing teachers and friends she has made.

Erin G. - Middlefield OH

Piper Cumblidge, 5, has been attending Great Day Child Care since she was 8 weeks old, and her mother, Heather, says, “She has made her way to every single class room.” Piper recalls that this was where she learned her ABCs and animals on flash cards. Her 9-year-old brother, Trystin, enjoys building tunnels with friends, dancing, drawing, and the days when there are special visitors such as Santa, elves and clowns. Tim Cumblidge, the children’s father, is employed by Chem Technologies. “I am very over protective and I watch to see what goes on,” he said. “Plain and simple this is a good place.“ Heather adds, “I have issues with someone watching my kids, but Great Day treats our kids like their own. And I know our kids would tell us if anything was wrong.” Heather is employed by Dillen Products, Inc. and was attracted to Great Day because of the employee discount offered and convenience of location.

Heather & Tim - Middlefield OH

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